The Catholic church recognizes the many emotions that family members experience at the death of a loved one. The time of death can be a graced moment when faith and family bonds are strengthened. The prayers and sacraments of the church provide comfort and hope for the bereaved.

The church encourages family members to communicate openly about funeral and cemetery arrangements well in advance of the need to implement them. This logically entails considering the purchase of a Right of Interment Certificate (“Deed”) for a grave, crypt or niche space before it is needed.

Arranging for a grave, tomb or niche for cremated remains through pre-need planning assures that family members can spend the time surrounding a death in support of one another and thoughtful planning of liturgical rites to celebrate the deceased’s passage to eternal life.

It will also bring peace of mind to the entire family and save money, because burial costs increase over time. Please take this opportunity to contact a Calvary & Allied Cemeteries office for free, no-obligation information about burial alternatives and costs. Some options may not be available in an immediate-need situation.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning burial arrangements in advance is a loving gift to your family. It ensures that your wishes are known and that your survivors will be spared making decisions under stress. Each Calvary & Allied Cemetery has Family Service Counselors who can meet with you at a convenient time to discuss burial options. They can also provide a virtual tour if an in-person meeting is not possible. There is no obligation to make a purchase.

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Pre-need planning is making funeral and cemetery arrangements prior to your death. This ensures that your wishes are known and eliminates an emotional and financial burden on your loved ones in the immediate aftermath of your death. It is a tangible sign of your love for your survivors.

The most obvious benefit is that you will relieve your loved ones of the stress of making detailed decisions at a time of tremendous loss. Advance planning is a thoughtful way to give your family the guidance they need to carry out the decisions you made at a calmer time.

Pre-need planning may prevent both disagreement among survivors and emotion-fueled over-spending. Planning and funding your final arrangements in advance may create exempt assets if you ever need to rely on public assistance.

Funeral and burial costs typically double every ten years. If you make a purchase in advance, you lock in today’s pricing.

Adults of any age who make their own decisions should have a plan. Like a will, it can be revised throughout your life as needs change. The earlier you plan, the more options you have and the less expensive they will be. Statistically, 43% of all deaths are unexpected. Tomorrow is a hope, not a guarantee.

Most people struggle to discuss death with their family members. It does not get easier as time passes, but pre-need planning is a pro-active, loving gift you give to those you will leave behind.

Burial in a Catholic cemetery is an expression of faith and connection with a rich heritage and 2,000-year-old tradition.

Catholic cemeteries are sacred grounds consecrated by the church to provide a dignified final resting place that affirms the faith of the departed. Architecture, statuary and monuments reflect our core belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life with Him.

Mass is offered in community chapels each week for the repose of the souls of those whose mortal remains are entrusted to our care. Our efforts are an expression of the Catholic reverence for all human life and the sacredness of each body, even after death. They respond to the Gospel injunction to Bury the Dead and are considered among the Corporal Works of Mercy.

Our beautiful cemeteries welcome visitors to reflect and pray throughout the year. An endowed fund ensures future care and maintenance.

Our cemeteries offer traditional ground burials, communal and family mausoleum entombments and various niche and burial options for cremated remains. Please use the form on this page to contact a Family Service Coordinator for no-obligation information on the range of options.

There are many options available and they vary in cost. Our professional Family Service Coordinators can help you find the best interment choice for your family. We offer attractive payment options for those who plan in advance.