Annual Care is a fee collected each year to defray the cost of cutting the grass and performing other minor maintenance for specific graves. This is available only at Gate of Heaven and Calvary Cemeteries and is no longer available for new purchases.

Perpetual Care is a one-time fee that contributes to the general maintenance of the cemetery and covers lawn care, tree trimming, road and sidewalk repair, maintenance of water lines and drains and upkeep of buildings, fences and other structures. Perpetual Care ensures that the cemetery remains a beautiful, safe, secure and peaceful place for the deceased and those who visit.

Eliminate the Burden of Annual Care Bills!

To eliminate the burden of Annual Care bills, you can switch from Annual Care to Perpetual Care. You will never have to worry about another Care bill! The current one-time fee is $1,230 per grave. Interest-free payment plans are available. There are special reductions for lots with four or more graves.

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