Located in the Woodside/Long Island City area of Queens, Calvary is the first major cemetery to be established beyond the island of Manhattan by the Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Alsop farm, with a family cemetery and an additional 115 acres, was purchased in 1845. The cemetery was consecrated by Archbishop John Hughes in August 1848. Over the course of its history, an additional 250 acres have been added. The four major divisions of Calvary, commonly known as Old/First, Second, Third and Fourth, are formally identified as the Divisions of St. Callixtus, St. Agnes, St. Sebastian and St. Domitilla to correspond with the ancient Roman catacombs. The 365 acres have been subdivided into 71 numbered and identified sections.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Section

Our new premiere section now open in first Calvary between our St. Calixtus Chapel and our Pope John Paul grave section. Burial rights for double depth graves are now available.


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Padre Pio Section

Almost 500 new graves are now available in this sought-after historic cemetery. The Padre Pio section honors the memory of the beloved Italian saint and visionary Capuchin priest, Pio of Pietrelcina. Each grave in the level grassy section accommodates two family members for ground burial.

Holy Family Columbarium

Located in Second Calvary, The Garden of the Holy Family Columbarium offers niche spaces for 2 cremated remains.