The staff at our cemeteries is available to assist individuals or families with genealogy research. Information in the cemetery records includes name of the deceased, date of burial, age at death and location of the grave. If the burial is in a family plot, we may also have the names of other family members buried there, but not necessarily their relationships. We do not have death certificates, obituaries, dates of birth and death or the name of the church attended by the deceased. We have begun to digitize some of the cemetery information.

Tending to burials, visitors and maintenance are our priorities, hence our attention is naturally directed to them. Nonetheless, we are willing to help with family research as time permits. A modest fee is charged and varies by cemetery.

request genealogical assistance

Please be advised that manual genealogy searches are complex and time-intensive and may take several days. As such, manual genealogy searches are subject to an administrative research fee as follows:
Initial name – $120.00
Each additional name – $10.00

* Please note that our cemetery offices provide only the following information on file: Name, Date of Burial, and Location.

Information should be completed by the family member requesting the information.  The following questions must be completed as accurately as possible to facilitate a correct search.  Proper spelling is critical in locating correct burial records.

Each genealogy request requires a $120.00 fee (plus $10.00 additional fee for each search thereafter, up to 10 additional individuals) for expenses related to essential staff time and database investigation.  If no match is found, the inquiry fee is charged nonetheless. Please allow up to 30 days for the completion of a genealogy request.  A staff member will contact you via e-mail.  While we strive to keep information up to date and correct, we make no guarantees about the completeness or availability of the information requested.

Calvary and Allied Cemeteries does not represent or warrant genealogical information as accurate though we believe this information to be accurate when received. The information is a reflection of the records on file at the cemetery office which has been provided by third-party sources, i.e., family relatives, funeral directors, etc.