Calvary and Allied Cemeteries is proud to present the Locate a Loved One Tool. This application will allow you to search for your loved ones with their first and last name buried at Ascension Cemetery in Airmont, NY, Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY and Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island, NY.


Calvary and Allied Cemeteries does not represent or warrant genealogical information as accurate, though we believe this information to be accurate when received. The information is a reflection of the records on file at the cemetery office, which have been provided by third-party sources, i.e., family relatives, funeral directors, etc.

Information in the cemetery records includes name of the deceased, date of burial, and location of the grave. If the burial is in a family plot, we may also have the names of other family members buried there, but not necessarily their relationships. We do not have death certificates, obituaries, dates of birth and death or the name of the church attended by the deceased.

Please note: At this time, only the records for Ascension, Gate of Heaven and Resurrection Cemeteries are searchable online. If you are looking for a loved one at any of our other cemeteries, please fill out a Genealogical Records Request.