The Catholic church teaches the value of prayer and good works on behalf of our deceased family and friends. Catholics have been sustained throughout the ages in the knowledge that, as they have joined their prayers with those of the church, one day others will continue this practice and they can truly rest in peace with the sure knowledge that the church’s prayer on their behalf will continue until the day the Lord comes to gather all to Himself.

The Catholic church remembers the dead in a special way in November, with the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Our cemeteries celebrate special Masses in the chapels on All Souls Day and Memorial Day. Some of the cemeteries also offer weekly Masses. Please see our events calendar for current schedules.

In addition, Catholic families are accustomed to visiting and praying at the burial sites of their loved ones on the anniversaries of their birth, death, wedding and religious holydays and civic holidays. These are opportunities for quiet appreciation, sharing family stories and seeking solace.