Catholic cemeteries are consecrated places intended for the interment of Catholics and members of their families. In fact, for Catholics, burial in a Catholic cemetery is a baptismal right; for others, it is a privilege. Relatives of Catholics who understand and accept the faith statement implicit in burial in a Catholic cemetery are eligible for burial. The cemetery superintendent has the authority to make this determination with the recommendation of a priest.

Burial arrangements are typically facilitated through the funeral home selected by the family. If a family does not already have a Right of Interment Certificate (“Deed”) at a cemetery, it is preferable if the selection of a burial spot is made by the family either at the cemetery or through the use of a virtual tour.

Families may choose ground burial or crypt entombment of a casket or niche inurnment of cremated remains. The determination of how many burials can be accommodated in a space varies from location to location and can be discussed with the Family Service Counselor at the cemetery.

In keeping with the Order of Christian Funerals, all committals in Catholic cemeteries are celebrated by a priest, deacon or pastoral minister from the parish of the deceased.