New Initiatives

Green Energy at Gate of Heaven Cemetery 2019

Con Ed Solutions, a separate division of Con Ed which focuses on renewable energy sources, is leasing 40 acres of currently undeveloped land at Gate of Heaven Cemetery for 25 years.  They will be constructing a 7 Megawatt DC solar array on the leased property. This solar array will generate enough electricity to provide all of the power required at GOH.  In addition, this solar array will enable Con Ed to offer all of the parishes located within this “utility zone” (approximately 50 parishes) a 25% discount on the purchase of up to 25KW per meter of this “green energy.”  The construction will break ground in November 2019.

New Veteran Memorial Site at Gate of Heaven Cemetery

We will begin construction of our new Veteran Memorial site in the Fall of 2019.  Interested veteran’s have the opportunity to have their name inscribed on our memorial located within our premises. To be considered to be added to the memorial, veteran must show a DD214 and contact the cemetery.

Please use the webform located under the Preplanning page.

Upcoming New Grounds

Please inquire about our new location for in-ground burials being constructed before end of 2019 at our Resurrection and Gate of Heaven Cemeteries by completing the form on our Preplanning page.

Developed Cemetery Areas

As of 2019, our total acres and developed acres are as follows:

Property Area (acres) Developed Area (acres)
Total 982 654
Gate of Heaven 265 183
Resurrection 125 51
Calvary 365 365
Ascension 207 35
St. Mary’s 20 20

Property Area/Developed Areas (acres)

Total: 982/654
Gate of Heaven: 265/183
Resurrection: 125/51
Calvary: 365/365
Ascension: 207/35
St. Mary’s: 20/20