New Mausoleum at Gate of Heaven

Calvary and Allied Cemeteries is hoping to add a new mausoleum to Gate of Heaven by 2023. If you are interested in receiving information about the Mausoleum, please complete this form.

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Developed Cemetery Areas

As of 2019, our total acres and developed acres are as follows:

Property Area/Developed Areas (acres)

Total: 982/654
Gate of Heaven: 265/183
Resurrection: 125/51
Calvary: 365/365
Ascension: 207/35
St. Mary’s: 20/20

Property Area (acres) Developed Area (acres)
Total 982 654
Gate of Heaven 265 183
Resurrection 125 51
Calvary 365 365
Ascension 207 35
St. Mary’s 20 20