Important Notice for Gate of Heaven Section 3 Deed-holders 

In May, a visitor to Gate of Heaven lost control of a car and drove over graves in a portion of Section 3. The driver was not injured and no graves were disturbed. However, several dozen headstones were impacted.

Our maintenance staff re-set the headstones that had minimal damage and secured other seriously damaged ones in a nearby service structure. We have also leveled and reseeded the grassy areas.

We would like to help deed-holders who want to repair or replace damaged headstones. We have the insurance information and police report necessary to make a claim against the driver’s insurance company. We can also provide the names of three current, local monument dealers who regularly work at Gate of Heaven.

Although we have reached out to deed-holders whose headstones were affected, we do not have current addresses for all families. If your headstone in Section 3 was disturbed or if you would like us to check it for you, please complete this form so we can reach you at a convenient time.

Please see the attached map of the entire cemetery, where we have highlighted where the accident occurred and a map of the actual section, where we have highlighted the graves that are damaged.

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